Monday, 20 July 2015



Good evening everyone!
I took these the other day to show you how awesome this dress is.

I got this dress from the Lazy Oaf website around January time, when the sale was on, obviously - I like to save my pennies as much as I can. So instead of being £65, I got it for £45, which I had to take because I'd been eye-ing up this collection for a long time. I love me some Garfield! Most of this collectio has sold out though, which is heartbreaking because I still lust over the 'That's What I'm Talking About' cropped t-shirt :(
If you can see the shoes I'm wearing, they're the JuJu 'BABE' shoes, which are super comfortable and go with just about everything. They're currently on sale for £12 at Office along with most of the other colours!

During my time off blogging, I did the worst and sold my dear Nikon, so for a while you'll have to put up with lesser quality photos, but I'll try to make sure they're not THAT bad, I have to make-do with what I have!

Please ignore my face on these photos, I just couldn't get it right.

Hope you all had a good weekend, I was at work unfortunately - not being able to enjoy the good weather :(
On a brighter note, I head off to Amsterdam in 10 days.. Has anyone ever been/live there? If so, feel free to suggest where to go!

Thanks for reading,
Jessabelle xoxo

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  1. Urrghhh I might just have to unfollow cos i am TOO JEALOUS that you have that dress! I've been lusting after it for ages but just can't justify even spending £45 on it! I always loved Garfield, I have tons of the comics at home and did a project on it in Junior School ahaha :'D I wish lazy oaf wasn't so expensive 'cos I love their stuff! xo
    amber love


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