Sunday, 3 February 2013

indecisive OOTD and our short film

Hello lovelies!
Yesterday I was going to a meal with my family and then going to a  friends house to have a few drinks and I just did not know what to wear! I knew I wanted to wear some cute tights and my velvet skirt but it's just so hard to find something I have to go with it. [my wardrobe isn't as big as I'd like it to be]


Top - 50p Charity shop | Velvet skirt - by Rain Rain | Tights - £1.50 [sale] Tesco 

This is the cute top which I half-showed you quite a while ago, it was 50p and I love the lacey detail <3
I feel like it is a bit big for me though, I'm not sure - its the bottom part of the lace because it sticks out I don't really feel comfortable wearing it outside. 

Top [left] - Miss Selfridge | Top [right] Topshop | Velvet skirt - by Rain Rain | Tights - £1.50 [sale] Tesco | Frilly Socks - £3 Topshop | Studded shoes - £8 Tesco 

I love these tights so much, they're so cute. I don't know what I'll do when a ladder starts forming </3
Yeah, I was really indecisive I just didn't know what went well with it or if something was too dressy or whatever. I was just having one of those days.
In the end I just went for the plain black vest top, with the lacey pattern on the back which I think is really cute and makes it less boring.


Apologies on the bra straps. It happens.

Also, my friend put our short film we made for college on YouTube.
It isn't great, we know. There are a few mistakes but it's here in case you'd like to have a look!
Unfortunately, YouTube made the video and sound a little jumpy :( Turn your speakers down a little!

On Wednesday I'll be doing a photoshoot with Alice for my college! It'll be fabulous and she'll look very classy and beautiful as always <3


  1. Ooo I love the first lacy top! What a bargain charity find ;)

    1. Thanks lovely! I know! 50p well spent x

  2. I love the first outfit, it's gorgeous and that top was an absolute steal!
    You lucky thing

  3. I love the tights and what a bargain love a bit of tesco!! x

  4. love the skrit

  5. Aww you look so cute why didn't you wear the first one yesterday?! I luff it. Also yay for tripods your pictures look fab (nail polish emoticon). Although sort your white balance gurl (stone face). I am scared I don't wanna be in your photo shoot loool xoxo

    1. Idk I feel like it would've been too much! heheheheh thanks <3
      idk how to do it i have actually forgotton how to use my camera o.O
      YOU WILL BE FINE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Gorgeous outfits! I adore the first one! The top is lovely xx

  7. very sweet lace detail on your top! i love the white one :)


  8. cute outfits :)

    love char_beyy xx

  9. Oh I particularly love the first outfit! xxx


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