Wednesday, 16 January 2013

pink and red

Hello everyone!
Thought I'd do a little wishlist, I'm hoping to do an OOTD soon, It's been way overdue!
Also, I'd really like peoples opinions.. I've been wanting to do some film reviews on this blog, rather than having a separate blog, what would you like me to review? :)#13

Club L floral dress | Dress | Mango skinny fit jeans | Rose Print Skater dress | Tartan skirt | Mel boots

I know it's too cold to wear dresses right now, but I am in love with these dresses, they're so cute, and they're not expensive either, which is always a plus! I've taken a real liking for they have such cute dresses, and some lovely blouses and jumpers, so take a look! You can't really see the design on the Mango jeans, but they're such a cute floral pattern I'm dying to have them! 
I've wanted some Mel boots since the Summer, and still don't have any. I think they're so cute and practical, I'll get some one day!

Also, have you heard about Wildfox's Spring/Summer 2013 collection inspired by Clueless?!?! I'm suuuuper excited.. (To lust over the collection and not buy anything because I can't afford Wildfox) I love Clueless, and someway or another I am going to be Cher everyday in the Spring. 


  1. I absolutely love the back cut out dress! :)

    Paige x

    1. Isn't it pretty! It's only like a tenner aswell!

  2. The open back dress is really pretty and I love how it looks like the shape of a heart. x

    1. Isn't it just ^_^ Yeah, it's lovely! xx

  3. I'm in love with the cut of back dress!

    lucy xx

  4. Hey I nominated you for a Liebster award :)

  5. gorgeous clothes :)

    love char_beyy xx


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