Thursday, 20 December 2012

OOTD, early Christmas presents

I'm beginning to feel very Christmassy now :3
We had secret santa at college, we have the best class ever I love everyone! [sap]
I opened my Christmas presents from my bestest friend Alice last night, and I'm in love with everything, so I had to take photos straight away when I got home, which explains the messy hair and not so fabulous make-up!



She got me this lovely dress from Topshop, which I've actually been wanting for ages, as all my other dresses are patterned and I can't wear them all year round without looking silly, so this is perfect, I love it! <3
[also it's Christmas which is why it's rather messy in the background, presents to wrap and all!]


She also got me the Popcorn Lip Scrub from Lush which was on my Wishlist, I HAVE to have a lip scrub from Lush every year, my lips cannot survive the cold weather without it! The popcorn one is amazing ;____; It tastes like  salted caramel and smells beautiful <3 

Also these nail polishes are beautiful, exactly what I wanted <3 I still love glitter <3


Here's me looking strange, again. Alice also got me the 'Beguild' Lipstick from Topshop that I've wanted for AGES! I am in love with it it's the best colour in the world I don't care if people stop wearing this colour of lipstick, I shall still be wearing it in 2025. 

I love Christmas so much! I can't wait to open more presents <3

Here is my cat in a bag. 
She's such a pretty cat, though she looks rather scared here.
Merry Christmas!

and about the 'xoxoxoxo' I CANNOT BELIEVE GOSSIP GIRL IS FINISHED. Super upset! :( 


  1. That photo of your cat is great :) x

  2. Wow, you secret samta presents were fab!! Lovely dress, great colour!! Merry xmas X

  3. The dress really suits you, great colour :) x

  4. Lush make the very best lip scrubs!

  5. such lovely presents! and your cat aw ahaha! i'm like 2 series behind on gossip girl, i'm just hoping chuck and blair are finally back on (for good) in the final episode haha. i'll get there one day! xxx

    1. I know :3 haha! She's beautiful <3 aw you gotta catch up! It's sooo good!! So much drama with Chuck and B! :') xxx


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