Sunday, 4 November 2012


I'm really sorry for not posting in so long guys!
I'm going to do more outfit posts soon, but I've really been caught up in college work and stuff.
At the start of half term I flew on my own to Vienna for ten days to see my boy ^_^ 
I had such a nice time and I really wish I was still there!

As I haven't found the time to take some good outfit pictures yet, I'm going to do a little Instagram post to ensure you all that I am still alive!

Flowers from Phillip <3 | New dress! | Pretty buildings in Vienna | Multicoloured pasta! | 1917 Film Projector! | Cinema to see Savages! [Was fabulous] | A Sloe Kiss cocktail! | Phillip and I <3 | Clouds! | New gloves for the winter! | Me as a cat for Halloween [without the ears | An actual cat

Sorry for the slightly boring post, I shall definitely be doing some outfit posts soon as I've really missed blogging, and I've got some new things to show you!

Hope everyone had a good half term, I know I did! :)

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  1. 'An actual cat' looool ILY. I didn't even realise you posted bad bad friend. Can't wait to see my Jessica on Thursday lotsa luffins xoxo


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