Saturday, 13 October 2012

i promise you this is going to be great! + win fabulous prizes!

Good Afternoon everyone!
I thought I'd tell you about this website, called Mallzee

Mallzee is a new online shopping experience, where users create their own online boutique shopping center/mall by picking their favourite brands and stores. Mallzee then finds other products that matches the users personal style!

Mallzee is quite the social site too. You can shop and browse with friends online with your friends! 
Your friends can also add things to your wardrobe for you to look at later on, and help you out with tricky decisions via their poll function.
Inviting y
our friends to your Mallzee, means that you can earn money every time someone buys from your Mallzee, as the owner, including yourself! Yep, you basically get paid to shop, and the money can be used to shop or to give to charity.

Mallzee currently have over 200 brands signed up, including Urban Outfitters, New Look, St. Tropez and Feel Unique.

Mallzee will be online later on this year, so you should sign up HERE
By signing up now, you get the chance to win £100 / $155 and other exclusive competitions!

I think this is going to be a really good website to communicate with other shopping addicts and an easier way to shop online, so I myself can't wait for the website to launch!
It's worth signing up for, and for keen shoppers like you all are, it's easy for you to just go to one website and find everything you need.

They also have a blog, Twitter and Facebook!
Check these out when you've signed up!

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