Friday, 5 October 2012

i love my new jacket (OOTD) + creepy dolls


So sorry for not blogging, I've recently started college, seeing my boyfriend loads before he went away :( and I've just been a little lazy.

I still go into Topshop and try everything on that I can't afford, but alas one time my Papa comes to the rescue
[only because it's necessary for winter]

I have a new Topshop jacket!
[and new hair!]

DSC_8050 DSC_8051

Jacket £58 - Topshop | Collared Shirt £25 - Next | Leggings £14 - Topshop | Necklace - Handmade | Hairbow - Given by a friend.

Apologies for the strange photos but yes.
I love this so much! It's nice and warm, it's comfortable and baggy - It's just everything you need in a jacket! It's currently out of stock on the website, and I'm pretty sure I grabbed the last size 10 so I was so happy!
I was also extremely happy that it was 20% off for students when I went to purchase it, so it cost me over a tenner less than it should've done!

I really like the print in the hood and the elbow patches ^_^

I'm going to share with you some of the dolls my grandma left me in her will, they are so creepy!


I really don't know why she collected them, they're so creepy looking! I have quite a LOT too!
Sorry if I freaked you out too much or if you have a horrible fear of porcelain dolls, but it is nearly Halloween, so :p

Thankyou, hopefully be posting soon!


  1. Those dolls are pretty creepy! They remind me of an old episode of Sabrina where the doll came to life!


    1. omg I vaguely remember that episode! haha! creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy! xx

  2. I love the jacket, looks perfect for A/W. Those dolls (any like it really) scare the lights out of me. I collect jars so I'm just as batty!

    1. Aw thankyou!
      haha yeah they are really creepy!!
      my grandma used to have them on show in a glass cabinet! scary!
      ahha jars?!?!

  3. love the outfit! you really look great<3 ans yes, i also find those dolls very creepy...especially those on the first and second photo!.D

    1. Thanks lovely :)
      haha i know, they're so weird! x

  4. Loving the dolls... I hope you have them on a shelf facing your bed? Especially second pic down, the one on the right with her mouth open, that's horror movie fodder :-)

    Great blog :-)

    1. Haha thanks :p they are so creepy! thats exactly wher emy grandma used to store them..

      thankyou! x

  5. Oh sheez, your dolls actually surprised me! They look so realistic, especially with the way some of them were arranged to pose for the camera like humans do. Hehe. The doll with the puffed up lips looks cute though. She needs a kiss! :)

    P.S.: Your jacket seems like a great fit for you. :)



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