Saturday, 1 September 2012

keeping up with blogging

I'm starting to really enjoy blogging, I hope you guys like what I post!

Another OOTD for you, including my shoes and dress I purchased in Vienna ^_^

Dress around £20 - Forever 21 | Tights £7.99 - H&M | Shoes around £10 in the sale! - Promod

I think these tights go really well with this dress, it's really cutesy and sweet :)
This is my dress from Forever 21, it was around 21 euros, so it's quite cheap for a dress <3
It fits really well, except on the sides it does show my bra, but it's not too bad.

I really like the bows on the front, and there were so many cute things in Forever 21, it was the first time I've really looked at their clothes in store, and I was surprised at how cheap and cute the clothes were!
Unfortunately I didn't have many Euros left, because I saw some really REALLY pretty patterned heels, it broke my heart to walk past them :(

Just a little close up of my tights, they're so sweet! I love wearing these shoes with them too - looking like a doll.
[Excuse the bite ridden legs.]
And a close-up of my shoesies, I'm in love with them, though they did give me extremely bad blisters first time wearing them! :( I usually wear heels everyday, which is bad, but I'm trying not to, building up my collection of flats!
Wearing my Topshop frilly socks again ^_^

The shop I got these shoes from also has a website, There are some really cute things on there, theres a sale on and I wish I had more money to buy their clothes!


American Cream Conditioner around £5 - Lush

Before I dyed my hair and had all the dead ends cut off, (It was a very sad day) my hair was in really really bad condition, it was dry and straw-like, which really wasn't nice!
My mum got me this conditioner from Lush, and it really helped me so much, it lasted for about 2/3 weeks, and did my hair so much good and smelt beautiful! You only needed to use a little on the ends of your hair, and it would be so soft afterwards ^_^

Just letting you guys know, as it's getting colder and I know my hair gets dry and nasty when it gets cold! Shall be buying this again fairly soon.

I also swear by Tresemme Liquid Gold. It's a restorative formula which works so nicely - makes my hair look smooth and less dry! It also smells really nice, and lasts forever, which is a plus!

Oh, and one last thing, I'm just over 50 followers now, which is probably not a lot to many of you but it's a lot to me - thank you so much!!!!!!! <3


  1. Aw aw aw you look so cute. We should buy some stuff together from the f21 website so the postage won't be as bad.
    I need to try this conditioner - remind me when we go shop shops pls xoxo

    1. ily
      this is a good idea! When I have some money though! I think I'll be eligible for a bursary at college = clothes and bus money

      okie QT its great i loved it xoxo

  2. aw this is a really cute outfit, love the tights! x

  3. The tights are so adorable! I love the mix of bright pink and blue. Super cute. xo
    following you now!

    1. Thankyou! Yeah, I never usually do that so I thought I'd try something new :)
      Following you back, your blog is so cute! xoxo

  4. Your blog is really nice, and really like the outfit here. Just followed! We'd love it if you could check out our music blog, only started on here recently! Thanks :)

    1. Thankyou so much! :3
      Aw, your music blog is awesome!
      Following right now ^_^


  5. the tights are cute!! i love anything with hearts on! Thank you very much for your lovely comment, you're right - we should all take our time with blogging. Hope you've had a lovely weekend! xxxx

    1. Thanks, I love them! Hhe same, hearts are so cute! No problem sweeT, yea exactly! :)
      Thankyou, you too! Have a good day x

  6. thats a really cute dress! and i love the tights :) Hey, if you want, check out my blog, If you like it follow on GFC and Bloglovin, and I ALWAYS follow back xx – Vanessa Mae


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