Wednesday, 12 September 2012



#11 by jessiicups

Nail Polishes, Studded handbag - Topshop | Blazer - H&M | Backback - River Island | Studded Boots - Primark | Jumpers - Forever 21.

Apologies for lack of blogging but I've recently started college and all, plus I havent had much money to buy any new clothes recently - though I REALLY want to as winter shopping is the best ;________;

I thought I would post at least something, as I feel that I am neglecting you!

I'm not sure about the studded boots, I don't really like the buckle but if they didn't have the buckle I'd definitely buy them!
And since visiting Forever 21 in Vienna I have just fallen in love with the cheapness and prettiness ;____; 
I also really need some nice nailpolish and a backback for college!
And everytime I'm in Topshop I see that cute studded bag and it's just so pretty I want it so badly! [I think my friends think it is hideous though]

I hope to blog some outfit posts soon!


  1. I actually really love the studded boots ! They're so cute xo

    1. Aren't they just! Especially for Primark! xoxo

  2. The bag is beautiful who thinks this they are wrong. I need a backpack for college I had to carry 7 books on my shoulder today I was almost in tears loool. Pwease can we go shopping soon I need to take back the bag and boots :( xoxo

    1. I think lou and phillip might've gave me weird looks >.< :p awh ;___; that backpack is quite nice but the one in primark is nicer, are you gonna be angry about the bag to pmark? the dickheds dying your shit! KEEP THE BOOTS THEY LOOKS SO NICE ON U -_- xoxo


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