Monday, 27 August 2012

Vienna 2012

I've just spend a week in Vienna with my friends and my boyfriend, and I had such a good time, I wish I was still there! It's so cold back in Leicester!

Ill be posting a few photos of the beautiful place and I'll be doing a couple of outfit posts soon too - I've had a shopping spree and brought as many Topshop dresses as I can because they're the best and I've now become obsessed with dresses.


Just a few of my favourite unedited photos of Vienna, and how beautiful it is :)

I'll be posting some outfit pictures soon! I apologize for lack of outfit posts lately.


  1. These are gorgeous bb you photographer you xoxo

    1. hehehe I love ma camera again :')

    2. It is fabbity fab. Also post your shoes! And what was the shop called where you got them? xoxo

    3. :3 Oh yeeeeeeeeeea I thought I forgot to post somethin
      how many outfitty pics did u take of me, just the one in the swan dress? i think it was called Promod :3 xoxo

    4. Ye I thought I took more but I realised you never let me :( xoxo


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