Sunday, 25 December 2011


I've decided, I love Christmas :3
Hey guys!
Not blogged in a while, sorry, been busy and all that ;)
Here's a few things I got for Christmas!

I LOVE this make-up brand, it never lets me down, and this is the best thing I've seen of theirs yet!
I love the eyeshadow colours, and the cheek domes and the eye liner and pigments and ah just everything is lovely!
Was SO happy when I opened this! <3

All I asked for for Christmas was DVD's, I got 14 DVD's so I'll be busy for a while yay :D should I do some reviews for you? idk what you want :p

SO happy with the films I got :D
1. Running with Scissors.
2. Never Back Down.
3. The Uninvited.
4, 5, 6. Shawshank Redemption, Fabulous Baker Boys and Glengarry Glen Ross.
7, 8, 9, 10. ALFRED HITCHCOCK COLLECTION OMG. Rear Window, The Birds, Vertigo and Psycho.
11. Keith Lemon world tour! hehe.
Then from my friends:
12, 13. Hard Candy and Pretty Persuasion. THANKYOU ALICE <3
14. The Breakfast Club. THANKS LOU <3

I've already watched Running with Scissors, its really strange and confusing, which is good, I like strange and confusing and its funny and quite dark and it really sucked me in, I couldn't take my eyes off the screen, so you should watch it if you want to watch a group of batshit crazy people live their lives, VERY entertaining.

I got two sets of Soap&Glory stuff, which I absolutely love and was surprised I got the massive one again <3 

I am serious when I say I love it, 'cause I seriously do, everything smells so beautiful and does everything it says it does and looks pretty = amazing.

Small Box:
1. Pink body puff.
2. Small Hand Food version.
3. Small Glad Hair Day - BEST shampoo ever <3
4. Small Clean on Me version.
5.Girligo Spray moisturising body mist.
6. Small version of Flake Away.
7. Small version of Righteous body butter.

Big Box:
1. Hand Food.
2. Calm one calm all bubble bath.
3. Clean on me shower gel.
4. Heel Genius
5.Mist You Madly floral body spray <3
6. Pulp Friction body scrub.
7. Sexy Mother Pucker plumping lipgloss.
8. Face Soap.
9. Righteous Body Butter
10. Off Your Face cleansing wipes (GODSEND)
11. Some boots points vouchers :p


I got a few other bits as well, MAC lipstick, pigment and a pallete. I got some pyjamas and some clothes, which I decided to wear today and I'll wear my blue dress on new years eve! :D

Wearing this now, looks kinda weird in photos, but its a really nice colour!
burgundy jumper with cute lil' gold buttons, tweed shorts with burgundy belt and burgundy tights so yeah I'm all matching <3

< Sorry about the naff background, but here's me in my outfit on Christmas day, before I fatten myself up with a big dinner! :D


I'm in love with them, and so is my cat she will not leave them alone, I put them in a cupboard and she follows them, silly cat :p
But yeah, I love getting PJ's for Christmas!
I got some wooly jarmas and wooly slippers too, love them <3

What did y'all get for Christmas?


  1. Oh my ga I'm so jelly of your Soap and Glory things!
    And you look amazing bbz, burgundy looks so good on you :3
    Luffyouluffyouluffyou, merry christmas babygurl xoxox

  2. heheh fanks bb <3 I LOVE DEM
    aw bbe ;____________________________________; love you merry christmas, blog woman! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Merry Christmas! I loooove that jumper i am going to have to go look for one in the sales!!!!

  4. merry christmas, I love your outfit!! So lucky with all the S&G, so so jealous of you, haha. Have you watched 'The Breakfast Club' before? It's so good, x

  5. thankyou lovelies, merry xmas to you too! :)

    thanks! aha i know, S&G is just amazing <3 nope i haven't, my friend goes mad at me 'cause i havent haha! i'll be watching it soon:p x

  6. Hey,I love your shorts! I've just bought a pair like that !!! And I love your hair colour !!! x jessica

    ps: I'm just starting a blog and I've been looking everywhere how to put a header like yours ( with see through writting to see the backround ) but i have no idea how to do it, how did you do it ??!!

  7. Hey girl
    just found ur blog had to join!
    woould love it if you check out and supported mine and my sister new blog!
    thank you

  8. merry christmas! ;)

    you got a lot of great gifts! :D

    <3, Mimi

  9. thanks you guys! :)
    @Jessoca my friend made my background and stuff for me because she's lovely, but i honestly dont know how, sorry! :(

    hope everyone had a lovely xmas :)

  10. That outfit is gorgeous, and I want those pyjamas!! Your blogs lovely so I have awarded the 'Versatile Bloggers Award' to you! Check out my last post to see what it's all about :) G x

  11. I LOVE your Christmas day outfit! Those pajamas look so cute, nothing beats some new jimmys for Christmas :D xx

  12. Fantastic shorts ! Love them ! And I love your hair. You're so pretty !
    Big kiss and Happy New Year ! :)

  13. The outfit looks gorgeous, I'm in love with the shorts! I'm also very jel of your soap and glory stash!


  14. I LOVE this outfit , it is adorable , i love the burgundy with the shorts, it goes soo well :) cute outfit, loving this post xx

  15. Love the bambi pjamas! need some!Great post


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