Sunday, 11 December 2011


Hey this is my first post, but I'm going to try to make a habit of blogging, hopefully things that people are actually going to enjoy reading and all that but yeah. I'd like to thank my lovely friend Alice for sorting out my profile and stuff, she's amazing and her blog is da best.
Okay, so on Monday 5th December, this years Clothes Show took place. 
You get such good bargains there, and the dance show and fashion show is awesome.
The thing is for me though, is I always end up not buying clothes, and buying make-up instead but because it is near Christmas time, I never have enough money to get lots of clothes, even if everything is dirt cheap!
Anyway, this is what I got :
 An Aztec print jumper/hoodie, with attached mittens! it's so warm, I love it!
It did have pom-poms on, but I took them off 'cause they were too long >.<

 Aztec print leggings because they were only £10 and I've wanted them for ages! Though, I'm slightly disappointed with them because one leg is smaller than the might just be me but I thought it was weird.
This is like one of my favourite things that I got. 100ml Rebel De Fleur by Rihanna.
Oh my god it smells beautiful. It was so cheap as well, I couldn't resist! It was £20 and it came with a decent clutch bag and a roll on version, bargain much?! 

I was going to give this to one of my friends for Christmas, but I feel like kind of a cheap skate in doing so, 'cause it was only £5 for everything! I don't think I'll use it, so I'm not entirely sure on what to do with it haha!
But I got a scrunchie bath thing, (I can't remember what they're called :p) Two sets with a spray and a perfume - So...Superstar and So...Eternal, So...Desirable shower gel, body lotion and perfume and So...Kiss Me bath confetti!

This is amazing, I got two of them. Jelly Belly bath salts, shower gels and bubble bath, all different scents and you add certain ones together to get different smells like raspberry mocha, chocolate covered cherries, strawberry shortcake, mud pie, berry smoothie, and you can make you're own, I just love it!

I LOVE this make up brand, and I love their packaging. 4 products for £5 which is such a good deal! I got Jelly Flush cheek stain, Mascara and lash extension set, Irish cream lip frosting and Venus magical pearls (highlighter/eyeshadow.) My favourite products have to be the lip frosting and cheek stain <3
FREEBIES, the best bit.
I got SO many freebies its unreal haha!
I also won a Hand Cream set which i have wrapped up for my mum for Christmas, it's really cute.
I got a lot of tissue, tons of free samples, like 5 tubes of toothpaste, cleansing oil, moisturiser, sudocrem, lip glosses, Clipper green tea, fabric softener, mascara, creams and a recipe book which is actually pretty decent!
I also bought a ton of magazines, Elle, Cosmo, Company, Mizz, Zest.


  1. LOL you got Sudocrem?! Why were they giving away Nappy Rash Cream?! :')
    I'm actually so jelly of everything you got. If you don't remind me about Clothes Show next year I. Will. Kill. You.
    Luffluffluffluffles ♥

  2. LOL yeah its actually well good for spots aha! I think they were trying to tell us something o.O with all that toothpaste!
    awh dont worry babycakes, i will remind you, we can go together! :D
    luffings <3 <3

  3. I love your aztec leggings! I really want a pair like that :) x

  4. this stuff is all so cute, I love stuff by Jelly Belly, it always smells so good xx

  5. thankyou! they have some in Punkyfish i think! :)

    aw i love it, it does! makes me smell like cupcakes haha! x


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