Friday, 13 December 2013

what you've missed, through instagram

I haven't blogged since August, how disgusting. Anyway, I want to start blogging again, probably take some outfit photos and such next week. For now though, here's a look at what I've been up to for the past four months via Instagram!

That's right, my hair was a pastel pink/lilac colour for a while. DON'T DO IT. JUST DON'T. I'm back to red now, and it's okay I guess :p
I got my medusa re-pierced, but it's gone again now :(
I still have an obsession with tights and dresses, don't worry.

I shall get back to you guys soon
~*~ Thankyou for being patient ~*~

Friday, 9 August 2013



#15 by jessiicups featuring zip dresses

So there's a few things on here that are pretty unrealistic, like the Louis Vuitton bag and the Vivienne Westwood watch, but I really want them ;___;
My brothers girlfriend actually has this LV bag and comes round with it and it is torture.

Anyway, I'm not well right now [I have tonsillitis thanks to Alice] So I've not been looking my best and haven't wanted to do an OOTD, thought I'd do a little wishlist instead :)

I just ordered the bodycon dress from it's on sale at £18, plus theres 25% off all sale items in the Ark sale so I got a few more things (dresses), as it's my birthday on Monday and decided I wanted to treat myself :)

I need some trainers/shoes that I can wear with jeans because I don't really have any! And I definitely need some new heels!

I've fallen in love with their sale is SO good right now, you should check it out if you want to spend all of your money.


Friday, 19 July 2013

A perfect day to start blogging again

I know it's been way too long since I last blogged, but I've been really busy and just haven't been up to it until today! It's so hot and I've never done an OOTD outdoors before, so this is my first!
Since I last blogged, I got a tattoo and re-pierced my medusa and I did dye my hair purple again, but it's faded... back to an ugly brown/red colour.

Purple dress- Vero Moda | Hair Bow - Birdcage Bows* | Bag- Blog Sale

I really love this dress, I think it was £15 when I got it, but it is a little longer than the other dresses I wear but it is really comfortable and flattering. :)


I really don't like this photo, but it shows the bow off a little. I chose Laura Lemon and I love it so much. It makes me feel like a Disney princess when I wear it! I might have to get some more bows from the store, they're all so pretty! And it came really fast too! They also offer a custom bow option, and they come in different sizes! I think they're a really good price too! 


So I said I got a tattoo, and I can't say that but not show you all! It's an Alice in Wonderland inspired tattoo, which was designed by Lyndsy Vu who is amazing. It's not completely finished yet, and cannot wait for it to be all done and colourful and everything! I can't stop staring at it! <3

Also my ring up there is from Topshop and it's my favourite piece of jewellery at the minute!

Hopefully I'll blog something a little better soon! 
Thanks for all your patience xoxo

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

patterns and stuff

Leggings - £8 Vero Moda | Shirt - £12 Tesco | Ankle boots - £10 Tesco | Bag - £7 blog sale 

 I don't know why but I fell in love with these leggings. There was a rale of different patterned leggings in Vero Moda for £8 and I just had to get these! I also bought a bag from Helen at thelovecatsinc's blog sale, which is no longer going now but she had some really lovely stuff on sale! 


You can see my boots here a little more clearer than in my last post! I just love the little studs on the front, and they're really easy and comfortable to walk in. Love them! 

 Does anyone have a blog sale going on? Or knows of any that are doing one? Let me know! I love browsing them!


A little something

Hello again :)
I've got a few new things, and I haven't blogged properly in a while -my bad.
Naturally this means I do have a few OOTD's to come, so no worries there!
I just can't wait until it's Spring/Summer so I can wear pretty dresses and not be absolutely freezing!

Anyway, last Thursday I went to London with the college to go to a gallery shopping.
I didn't buy as many clothes as I wanted to, mainly because of food + drinks + travel in London all adds up!


Dress - £15 Camden market | Ankle boots - £10 Tesco | Knit Cardigan - £10 Tesco

I got this heart patterned dress from a little stall/shop thing in Camden. I instantly fell in love with it, and it was only $15 so I thought that was a bargain! I also bought a little Alice in Wonderland themed pocket-watch because it was only £5 and it was cute and I just NEEDED it at the time, haha. 
I do love Tesco sometimes. They have half sizes for their shoes, so I can get a 6½ and they fit perfectly :3
I found these ankle boots, they were the last pair and my size so it was fate.
>I also found this knit cardigan that was on my Winter wishlist, and it was on sale for £10 so I thought why not ^_^ It's super comfy and warm! I even braved going outside in this and not a coat!
When I took these picture's the colours didn't look that different until I put them on my laptop, sorry! 

Here's a closer look at my boots and my pocket watch!


And a close-up of the dress's pattern! 

Also, a big thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway, and to those of you that didn't win, I hope to be doing another one soon, so keep your eyes peeled! 


Sunday, 17 February 2013

Wildfox you are too expensive x


It's Spring now and the Clueless collection for Wildfox has begun. 
I want everything but I'm sorry Wildfox, I cannot afford your shit.
I will be buying things that just look like the collection :)
I might do a post with cheaper alternatives to Wildfox's collection if you'd like to see that! :)

But for now, these are a few things I need. I really need to read John Green's The Fault in our Stars, everyone goes on about it so it must be good! I also saw this blazer from River Island, and I don't know why I like it but I do, it's so cute!
I've been wanting a pair of floral jeans for ages, though I wouldn't really know how to wear them, and they'd need to fit nicely, so if anyone knows where I can get some from, please tell me!
And last, but not least... I STILL need some Chelsea boots, I did buy a pair from River Island for £15 but when they came they were pointy and I can't stand pointy shoes they make my feet look bigger than they need to and they just look weird, so I sent them back! I did spot these from Bank, which I might get if I have some money, even though they're only £25, I'm still poor!

I hope everyone had a nice Valentines Day! 
But the half term is over, and it's back to college tomorrow, unfortunately!

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Shopping + OOTD

I'm so glad I took these photos yesterday, as I'm rather ill today :( 
But yesterday I went into town with my mama and she bought me quite a few things, what a lovely woman.


We originally went to go to the post office and get some wax melts, it ended up being a shopping trip.

 PAPERCHASE SALE: Passport case £1.25 | Stickers 10p and 50p | Writing set £3

I fell in love with the passport case, how cute is it! ;_; and the label said £2 but it came up as £1.25 so that is always a good thing!
The writing set is really pretty and I think i got the last yellow/peachy coloured set, but they had lots of other pretty colours available! And I just can't resist stickers <3

I really needed a new foundation, as I've been using a really cheap MUA one which is good, but I wanted a nicer one that matched my skin tone properly.
I haven't tried Rimmel's match foundation, but I'm looking forward to. It has had good reviews and a lot of bloggers seem to use it! And I just needed some new powder puffs, my last one broke and it was all big and fluffy and leopard print, sad time for me </3

HOUSE OF FRASER: Nina Ricci Sheer Shade Foundation RRP £12.99 | Nina Ricci Skin Illuminator pen £9.99 

I went to House of Fraser after I went to boots and saw the Nina Ricci section, and it was ANY 2 for £5 and I couldn't resist. I used the sampler of the sheer foundation and oh my god it was so velvety and looked beautiful on my skin so I can not wait to try this on my face [when I'm feeling better and going outside.] I also really need a corrector pen and this seems very capable and it brightens your skin lovely.  DSC_8100 They had some other products available in this deal, like facial care and some blushers/mascaras. They didn't have any lipsticks though, I have heard that Nina Ricci have really good lipsticks. I might have to go back again and hope they still have the two for £5 offer on and get some other bits!

AROMA: Little Hotties Wax Melts £6.99 | Christmas Bath Blaster £1 [on sale] | Yankee Candle Wax Tart £1.25 

I actually love this shop so much and I hope it doesn't go away, please stay in the Highcross! They sell a lot of Yankee Candles, some fancy oils and candles and they sell Bomb Cosmetics. They're like Lush I suppose! They have bath bombs, bath melts, face and body stuff, candles, handmade stuff - everything like that. They have such lovely designed bath bombs - most of them look like food! and they're only £2.29! The one I got is a Chrsitmas one, but it smells amazing, cinnamon and a slightly ginger-y fragrance! The Little Hotties wax melts are absolutely amazing, they smell beautiful and have a huge range of scents. You get a small box that you fill right up to the top of these wax melts and you can fit up to 40 in them! If you combine different smelling wax melts you get a different fragrance, so if you put a cherry one and a chocolate one together it would smell like cherries and chocolate <3

VERO MODA: Jumper RRP £25 

 I love Vero Moda. I got this jumper and my mum got the same one, but her is black with white ombre. We won't be seen out wearing these together. There's a rale in this shop which says '1 for -30% or 2 for -50%' which means if you buy something from that rale, you'll get 30% off, but if you buy two things you'll get 50% off! Which is amazing because we basically got buy one get one free! It cost £25 for both of our jumpers!
I must say that I'm not usually fond of the ombre style clothes, but I don't think this is too much in-your-face ombre and that it's quite simplistic and subtle.


Jumper - Vero Moda | Leggings - Tesco | Lipstick - Beguild by Topshop

I think that the jumper just looks nice with something simple and plain, a nice lipstick and not too much make-up!
It will look n ice with some shoes too but I had taken mine off before I came upstairs, sorry! ;p
I'm also very aware of how strange I look >.<
And I know that the colours/tone of my photos are different to each other I just couldn't get the white balance right on my camera. -_-